12 Stylish Bob Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Show off your tresses with the trendiest and most stunning hairstyles for oval faces.

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The Oval face shape is the most versatile. Why? Because any hairstyle, with or without bangs, with or without layers, looks good on this face shape. But this means it can get difficult to pick the best bob hairstyles for oval faces. So, we searched far and wide on the internet and found the top trending bob cuts for oval face shapes.

Scroll down to check out the top 12 bob styles that look flawless on your oval face. Keep reading to pick your favorite.

Before You Get Started
  • Hairstyles for oval-shaped faces mainly involve short or medium-length hair as long hair tends to elongate the face more.
  • To create a messy bob for an oval-shaped face, spray some dry shampoo on the scalp to add extra volume and give an excellent balance to your face.
  • If you opt for bangs, keep them soft to take the focus away from the elongated chin.

1. Wavy Lob With Bangs:

Wavy Lob With Bangs

Image: Shutterstock

Tyra Banks is known for her quirky high fashion. The supermodel is sporting a heavily textured and layered lob with straight bangs. This collar bone-grazing lob is perfect for embracing natural wavy and textured hair. It’s easy to maintain as the layers are supposed to look messy and undone and frame an oval face shape perfectly.

2. Wavy Chin-Length Bob:

Wavy Chin-Length Bob

Image: Shutterstock

This was Anne Hathaway at the peak of her short-hair phase. This wavy blunt bob that ends right at her chin adds width to her oval face shape and highlights her slender neck. The slightly texturized waves add movement to the hair.

3. Shaggy Bob:

Image: Getty

Gideon’s Daughter actress Emily Blunt looks striking with her shaggy, medium-length bob. We adore her warm ombre hair colour, and the subtle texture of her layered cut. The English actress sports a deep centre partition that is flattering for her oval face; extra volume that accentuates her features; and contrasting soft shaggy ends for extra sex appeal.

Stylecraze Says
You can pair this hairstyle with some light and wispy curtain bangs, especially if you want to bring the focus onto your eyes.

4. Wavy Bob:

Image: Getty

Actress Anne Hathaway sports an adorable wavy bob hairdo and a surreal texture and volume. For those of you with medium or long bob haircut, wear your hair up with the aid of bobby pins and hair clips.

To get Anna’s cute waves in the bottom, use hair rollers or a curling iron on small sections of damp hair. For a fresh salon blowout or if you want to give your tresses some shape, make sure to leave your hair on the heat for a bit longer. Finish off the look by setting them with a light hairspray.

5. Blunt Bob:

Image: Getty

Songstress Katy Perry looks fun and flirty with her medium-length, blunt and straight bob. A great short bob haircut for oval face, this hairstyle has a slightly rounded cut that softens the overall look perfectly. We love how Katy has adopted a daring and vibrant hair colour. The blue hue certainly warms up her fair complexion. Like we always suggest, for a fresh and bold look, add a hint of colour to your hair.

Tip: When deciding to change your hair colour, choose the shade carefully and make sure the shade complements your complexion.

6. Round Bob With Side-Swept Flips:

Image: Getty

One of our favorite fashionistas, Jessica Alba looks classy and flirty in this cute, rounded bob with a side-swept flip. The stunning shape and flawless structure – Jessi’s hairstyle is uber-modern and bang on trend. With soft layers and rounded side flips, this bob hairstyle is chic, trendy and very feminine. Jessica’s blonde bob is all about the cut, so find a hairdresser you trust, and breathe new life into your tresses.

7. Bob With Blunt Bangs:

Image: Getty

Always right on the gorgeous hair trends, talented singer Rihanna recently proved that she could truly pull off any style, even if it means a daring, severely straight bob with blunt bangs.

Edgy and modern, use a texturizing gel and your fingertips to give your hairstyle some shine – that we are blinded by. Rihanna perfects her look with bronze makeup and pale pink lips.

8. Side-Swept Bob:

Image: Getty

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart looks simply divine with her dreamy mix of brown highlights and side-swept bob. Feathered at the ends for extra edginess, to recreate this hairstyle, ask your hairstylist to work on the cut and volume for the beachy look. Also, don’t forget to style with volume-boosting mousse into damp hair and your fingertips for a floaty head of hair.

9. Short Curly Bob:

Image: Getty

The fabulous actress Rachel McAdams looks stunning with her short curly, asymmetrical bob. The effortless hairstyle is a revelation this summer. Perfect for women with oval-shaped and fair complexions, this style will accentuate your beautiful facial features.

Stylecraze Says
You can recreate this look with some hair mousse and jumbo rollers. Apply some mousse to your hair and put them up in rollers for at least an hour and a half. You can also try to style your hair in these curls with a round brush and a blowdryer.

10. A Voluptuous Bob:

Image: Getty

Diva Rita Ora, famous for changing her hairstyle every second day, looks glam with this voluptuous bob. Edgy and stylish, the round bob hairstyle has an uneven but interesting texture. Pulled from the front and rounded from the back, the versatile hairdo matches Rita’s facial features perfectly.

11. Faux Bob:

Image: Getty

Going for the polished faux bob hairstyle, actress Emma Watson gave her mane plenty of retro appeal and dimension.

To duplicate the look, start by pulling up the top section of your hair, secure it with a clip and make a braid out of the bottom sections. Twist the braid into a coil and secure it with bobby pin to the scalp. Now, take out sections of the hair from the gathered hair and tuck the braided ponytail underneath the long hair so it appears shorter.

12. Long Wavy Bob:

Image: Getty

Actress Zoe Saldana looks stunning with a long, undone, wavy bob that rests on her shoulders perfectly. We love how Zoe gives the natural hair color trend with extra volume, soft, feathered layers and texture.

To get the actress’ glossy look, dab a good volume-boosting mousse on your center parting, and damp hair with texturizing gel for a more natural look. For the final look, spritz a good light hairspray. You see, flyaways aren’t always bad!

Infographic: 5 Amazing Bob Hairstyle For Oval Faces

Bob hairstyles have always been in style. They are versatile and are known to be the most favorable for oval face types. These short hairstyles look amazing and can be styled in numerous ways.
Check out the infographic below to find the most popular bob hairstyles that flatter oval face shapes.

5 amazing bob hairstyle for oval faces (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

As discussed earlier, most bob hairstyles go well with oval faces, and it is quite difficult for people to choose the best one. So, the above-listed best bob hairstyles for oval faces save the day for you. These hairstyles, ranging from shaggy and wavy bobs to faux and long wavy bobs, accentuate your facial features and enhance your overall look. Moreover, you can always experiment with these hairstyles by adding a color to look different yet stylish. So, pick your favorite bob hairstyle and visit a hairstylist you trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hairstyle should an oval face avoid?

Anyone with an oval face shape should avoid hairstyles that bring too much hair onto the face and cover it up. Thick fringes and any haircut or hairstyle that pushes the hair forward will make your face appear heavier.

What length of hair is good for an oval face?

There is no fixed length for an oval face. Both short and long hair complement an oval facial shape. However, short hair highlights the features of this face shape and looks great on it.

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