Lip Make up

Top 10 Lipstick Shades For Women With Dusky Skin

Browns, reds, and nudes - lip shades that complement your caramel skin beautifully.

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How To Wear Red Lipstick

These simple tips will help you rock that bold and timeless shade confidently like a diva.

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How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly

Pay attention, as this skill has the power to make or break your whole makeup look.

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DIY – How To Colour Your Lips Pink With Beetroot

Ditch the boring lipstick and lip balm routine and color your lips in this natural hue.

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How To Apply Lipstick On Slimmer Lips Perfectly?

Follow these steps to accentuate your lips to give them an alluring, plump look.

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How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer – Procedure To Follow

Make your lips ready to pout all day and learn how to apply lip color that lasts longer.

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A Complete History Of Lipsticks

Uncover the tale of how the lovely dab of red on your lips originated and evolved till now.

5 Popular Lipstick Shades That Look Awesome On Everyone

There is a shade for everyone - for every skin type, tone, look, and mood.

Why Do You Need A Lip Brush?

You will want to grab hold of a lip brush for the all amazing advantages it offers.