5 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Gray Hair In Kids

Save your little one from the anguish of gray hair using some natural methods.

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When a strand of hair contains a lower amount of the pigment called melanin, it might seem gray, and if there is no pigment at all, it can appear white. Gray hair develops due to the hair cells on the scalp producing less melanin as they age. As a parent, you may be relieved to know specific home remedies to treat gray hair in kids.

Before you can find the best-suited remedies to get rid of gray hair, you need to have some idea about the possible causes behind it. One of the leading causes of premature graying of hair is poor lifestyle. Gray hair at a young age might sometimes be due to heredity. Gray hair in youngsters can also be caused by vitamin B12 deficiency, some types of anemia, and thyroid issues.

Note: Do not worry if your child does have gray hair. Having premature gray hair is not necessarily a sign of a medical issue. It is best to consult a trichologisti  XA medical professional specializing in the study and treatment of different hair and scalp diseases. and get the right diagnosis.

Here, we talk about how to remedy and prevent gray hair in children. So, read on.

Home Remedies To Stop Gray Hair In Kids

If your kid is suffering from premature graying of hair, you have to find out whether it is due to any medical condition. If not, then it can be cured by a few of the following home remedies.

1. Curry Leaves:

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Boil curry leaves in oil until they turn black. Massage the oil on the hair. This effectively treats gray hair.

Watch this video – how curry leaves helps to cover gray hair:-

2. Yogurt And Yeast:

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Drinking yogurt mixed with one tablespoon of yeast everyday will be a beneficial treatment for grey hair.

3. Amla:

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Boil amla pieces in coconut oil and use it on the scalp. You can also soak amla in water overnight. Use the amla water to wash your kid’s hair.

4. Amla And Almond Oil:

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Massage a mix of almond and amla oil on the scalp. Leave it overnight before you wash it off. This remedy will help to prevent gray hair of your kid.

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You may add fenugreek powder to the remedy and use it for faster and effective results.

5. Cow Milk Butter:

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Massage your kid’s scalp twice a week with butter made from cow’s milk. This remedy will help to treat premature aging.

If your kid is suffering from severe gray hair condition, you need to diagnose it. Treat the condition soon to avoid any serious issues.

Cause Of Gray Hair In Kids

Hair is made of protein and grows out of follicles located within the surface of the skin. The skin gets modified to produce hair. Hair plays an important role in an individual’s physical appearance. And when the hair starts graying, it affects the look of that person. In the case of kids, the condition is even worse. So, what causes the graying of hair in kids, let’s find out.

1. Inheritance:

Inheritance can be the primary reason for gray hair in kids as young as two years old. If there is a family history of an early onset of gray hair, then the kids may suffer from premature graying.

2. Dandruff:

Research shows the correlation between dandruff and gray hair. Even though one does not cause the other, they are interrelated. If the problem of dandruff becomes severe, there is a tendency for the emergence of gray hair.

3. Diseases And Disorders:

Certain disorders like tuberous sclerosisi  XA rare genetic disorder where many harmless tumors develop in many parts of the body and increase the risk of hair loss. and vitiligoi  XA chronic autoimmune disease that causes loss of skin color in patches on different parts of the body. induce loss of hair pigmentation. Along with the signs of hair graying, the affected kids will also start exhibiting signs of seizures, tumors and more.

4. Thyroid:

Thyroid conditions play around with hormones and it is no lesser in kids. Your kid may suffer from gray hair, if she has more thyroid content in her blood.

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Excess UV exposure may also fade melanin pigment in hair and cause graying. Cover the child’s head to minimize the risk or early graying.

Gray hair can occur in kids because of hereditary, nutrient deficiency, and medical factors. While you can try regular hair products, they may contain harsh ingredients that damage your kid’s hair. Natural ingredients with essential nutrients and minerals are healthy alternatives that nourish the hair. Also, using home remedies to treat gray hair in kids is cost-effective. Even after using these remedies, if premature graying still persists, consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis as the graying can be caused by an underlying medical condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal for a child to have gray hair?

One or two gray strands are fine. But if your kid has a lot of premature gray hair, you should consult a doctor as it could be due to a medical condition (like an autoimmune disease such as lupus).

Which oil is best for gray hair?

Coconut oil and olive oil are said to be the best for managing premature gray hair. Curly hair types should try argan oil and jojoba oil.

What is the permanent solution for gray hair?

There is no permanent solution for gray hair caused by aging. You can use hair colors and dyes to cover up grays.

Does milk cause gray hair?

No, milk strengthens the hair follicles and may even stimulate hair growth.

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